Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Five drawbacks of iOS8

Apple's latest Operating System- iOS 8 is already out. While Apple users are excited to try their hand on the new update, here are the 5 things that could have made iOS 8 a more desirable update:

1) iCloud Drive 

It is not advisable to run iCloud on your Mac unless you have Yosemite, a redesigned user interface, as your user ability will breakdown with the present iCloud document file. Consequently iCloud might become useless for your Mac. Sadly Apple has not even announced the launch date for OS X Yosemite.

2) The keyboard usage

Many a time you may have to struggle to find a keyboard. If you are using Apple's keyboard the suggestion bar might not show up, so typing special characters or numbers might be frustrating.

3) Safari's browser

Google Chrome offers much better user ability than Safari. In chrome even before you type a complete word, you get the complete URL immediately, while in Safari the case is opposite as many a times you won't find the correct URL.

4) HealthKit App

The much hyped feature of iOS 8 was its HealthKit app. Arguably Apple gave a health based positioning to its new OS, since ot was suitable to keep a tab on basic health parameters.

Even before the Apple users could download the new update, a glitch was spotted in the HealthKit app. The glitch was confirmed officially by Apple and it claimed to fix it by month's end.

5) The heavy update

Updating your Apple OS to its latest version is not as easy as it seems to be. The new update occupies as much as 5.5 GB on your phone. So for those who are using 8GB or even 16 GB iPhones, it might be upsetting. It is advisable to sync you data with the iTunes before starting the update and restore it after the update is completed.